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Furnace Installation and Repair
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Furnace Installation and Repair in Richmond Hill

Everyone that lives in Richmond Hill knows about the type of winters we get. The cold sets in well before the snow begins to drop and it penetrates right to the bone. That’s why you need a good, reliable furnace to get you through the winter.
When the furnace clicks off and won’t come back on again, A Plus Quality is just a single phone call away.

Richmond Hill and A Plus Quality Furnaces: Growing Together

In the 1990s, Richmond hill was the fastest growing city in all of Canada. A Plus Quality was there during the population boom to help new homeowners and businesses situate and maintain their furnace situation.
Today, Richmond Hill residents know that A Plus Quality has been there and done that when it comes to furnace installation and furnace repair. Our Richmond Hill customers that ordered new furnaces from us years ago simply can’t get enough of us, that’s why they turn to us for furnace repair maintenance, advice and upgrades.

Our Technicians Are Simply Awesome

If you’ve had bad furnace installation experiences before, prepare to have your mind blown by the world of difference that A Plus Quality offers all its customers. But A Plus Quality is number one only because of the outstanding human beings that work for our business. You’ll be amazed and surprised by the difference in quality as soon as you meet our team.
Customer service starts with the first telephone call. At the other end of the line, an intelligent, trained customer service pro gathers important data about your house. Next you’ll get to know our field technicians. Ours show up right on time, greet you with a smile and get to work.

Imagine Your Richmond Hill Home Filled With Warm, Cozy Heat Again

When you look outside and everything is covered in snow but you’re tucked away inside feeling nice and warm, you will be glad that you chose our team to repair your furnace or perform a furnace installation.
Whether you own a large, luxurious downtown home or an intimate little cottage on the outskirts of town, A Plus Quality can help you figure out your heating needs.

Why Richmond Hill Loves Us

Our HomeStar review page is filled with kind words from many of our Richmond Hill customers. Sometimes the amount of compliments and positive feedback we get is almost a little embarrassing. After all­­ we’re just a furnace repair and installation company! While it is true that a furnace is perhaps the most important fixture you can buy for your a home, let’s be honest: furnaces really aren’t all that exciting. We think it’s the personal touch, friendship and trust that we inspire that turns many of our customers into our most supportive fans.

Fast, Efficient Service. In and Out With No Problems!

We know that your family has things to do. Many Richmond Hill residents are business owners or busy professionals working in the finance or healthcare industry. Every moment of the weekend or workday evening is precious to Richmond Hill’s hard working families, which is why our techs are trained to take care of business in a quick, organized way.

There’s Simply No Better Furnace Installation Service in Town

Unlike some of our Richmond Hill area competition, you can really trust and believe our technicians when they provide you with an estimate. Everyone on our team wants our business to grow, that’s why we make sure every single one of our customers is fully satisfied. If you choose A Plus Quality, you’re guaranteed to get a fair deal on furnace repair and installation.

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Your furnace affects your comfort, health and safety. Problems with faulty furnaces can lead to accidents and explosions. Gas leaks can cause severe health problems over the long term. Plus, nobody wants to see frosty dragon breath every time they exhale when they’re sitting on the couch trying to enjoy a TV show. If you’re having furnace problems and need a furnace repair or a furnace installation, reach out now. One of our experts will be in touch.

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