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Furnace Installation and Repair
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Furnace Installation and Repair in Vaughan

Residents of Vaughan: you are only moments away from finding a solution to whatever furnace problem currently ailing you. A Plus Quality is here to help with round­the­clock service and an experienced team of furnace experts.

We Want to Make You Feel Comfortable

There’s nothing quite like standing over a warm vent in the morning when it’s winter. Warm air feels so good when it’s cold! If your furnace isn’t as powerful as it once was, let our team come out for a visit and take a look.
Furnace problems can be serious issues. An old or malfunctioning furnace affects your health, comfort and safety. After we do our furnace repair work or schedule a new furnace installation you’ll be able to enjoy warm, comfy air flowing out of your vents again.

Vaughan’s Trusted Furnace Installation and Furnace Repair Pros

When it comes to furnace installation, you need someone you can trust. Just check out our HomeStars review page­­ it’s filled with words from our satisfied clients. Our customers appreciate the personal, caring way that we do business. Our service technicians don’t just wander around your house for a few minutes and then write you a recommendation for the most expensive furnace money can buy. Different kinds of houses have different needs. We make sure that the furnaces we recommend are exactly the type that’s required. Our estimates are realistic and they take all the factors into account. That way, when our clients get the final bill, there are absolutely no surprises­­ except pleasant ones, if we happen to finish ahead of time or under budget.

Our Furnace Installation Method

This is what we do when one of our Vaughan area customers calls us up to order a new furnace.

  • One of our customer service specialists records information about your heating needs.
  • A qualified furnace expert is dispatched to take a look at your home or business.
  • Our furnace expert works with you to develop a comprehensive furnace installation plan.
  • A team of trained furnace installation technicians arrives to install your brand new furnace.

All along the way, you’ll notice the care that goes into making sure that each detail of your furnace installation is correct. Taking care of furnace installation in an organized, systematic way makes our customers happy and prevents us from having to wrestle with mistakes and waste time dealing with errors.

We Believe That Furnace Repair Should Be Quick and Easy

Furnace repair is often a big hassle. Clumsy, rude repairmen take all day and leave you with a bill that’s far bigger than the original estimate. But furnace repair and furnace installation doesn’t have to be that way. We know that many of our competitors in Vaughan often take too long and leave a mess behind, that’s why we emphasize the importance of customer service. We train our friendly technicians to work in an organized, efficient way so that they leave your family’s house just as tidy as it was before we arrived.

Why Vaughan Businesses Big and Small Rely on A Plus Quality

Business is booming in Vaughan. Everywhere you look, a new store is opening its doors. During the wintertime, it’s important to keep your customers warm so that they stick around. At A Plus Quality, we understand the needs of Vaughan area businesses. We’ve performed furnace installation in plenty of large office and retail buildings, so we know exactly what kind of furnaces are powerful enough to bring the heat in the winter. Also, if your small business is looking for furnace options that won’t break the budget we can help you find a good deal. No matter what the size of your operation, A Plus Quality will help you out.
Vaughan: Home to A Plus Quality Headquarters

You’ve probably passed by our offices a few times on your way downtown. Our home office is located just off Millway Avenue, around the corner from the WalMart Supercentre.

If you’ve got a furnace problem just give us a call or drop us a line.

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