July 13, 2015 Blog

AC not working?Before calling a service technician for air conditioner repair or replacement in Toronto, you can avoid a problem that’s more costly than it has to be by troubleshooting your air conditioner prior to calling for potentially unnecessary service.

Troubleshooting Common Air Conditioner Issues

Check Fuses & Circuit breakers – Your air conditioning unit might not be getting adequate power to operate. Just because your air conditioner has tripped a circuit or has blown a fuse doesn’t necessarily mean your lights or television or other household devices that are powered by a separate fuse or breaker won’t have power. Be sure to give your air conditioning until approximately 5 minutes prior to resetting any breakers or replacing any fuses. Additionally, if you have central air conditioning installed, the issue may be unit’s high-pressure limit switch tripping. To reset the high-pressure limit switch, push in the button, located in the access panel to the unit’s compressor.

Perform Regular Maintenance – It’s a good idea to regularly change your air conditioner’s filter and to be sure its coils are free from dust, dirt, and debris. If its coils become too clogged, eventually it won’t operate properly, leading to its compressor and/or fans premature failure. Make sure your air conditioner is not running while you clean it. Be sure to clean your condenser coil once per season, but don’t be afraid to check it and perform regular maintenance as necessary. A good way to perform this action is to turn off your unit and hose it down in a zig-zag pattern with your outdoor hose! Placing your air conditioner in a window close to an outdoor dryer vent often means a premature death for your air conditioner!

Always be sure your air conditioner has a clean or new filter, if necessary. Just performing this part of regular maintenance is quite possibly the easiest and best way to increase you’re air conditioner’s efficiency. Further, the air conditioner won’t have to work as hard, which also helps it to “live” a longer life. A good indicator that you need a new filter is when the air conditioner has significant amounts of ice forming on its interior or exterior. Be certain that you allow any ice present to melt prior to restarting your air conditioner.

Diagnose & Fix Sensor Issues – Single room air conditioners typically feature a thermostat sensor, which is located behind it’s control panel. This device measures the air temperature that is taken into the evaporation coil. If this sensor becomes dislodged, the air conditioner may not cycle properly and may behave inconsistently. The sensor should not actually be touching the coil, but it should be close to it. To adjust its position, carefully bend it’s wire, which keeps it in position.

Following these simple steps prior to calling out an air conditioning service technician in Toronto or anywhere else is a good way to ensure the durability of your air conditioner and to save money on unnecessary maintenance costs when you can perform them on your own quickly and easily!