July 13, 2015 Blog

A/C ServiceCentral Air Conditioning Repair

Central air conditioning systems are comprised of two primary components, which are both a condensing unit, which is located outside of your home and an evaporator coil (a-coil) that resides in your furnace or air handler’s plenum. The condensing unit is home to 3 components, which are the run capacitors, the contactor, and the condenser fan motor. The condensing unit is also comprised of the compressor, which must be replaced by a professional air conditioning service technician. Some smaller parts of your air conditioner can cause its major components to cease to function or to function inefficiently, wasting energy and money.

Regular Maintenance & Inspection

Note that central air conditioners should be inspected and adjusted by an air conditioner technician in Toronto or local to you at the beginning of the summer. Some of the most common problems that can occur when you own a central air-conditioning system are listed below.

Common Central Air Conditioning Problems

  • Air Conditioning Belt – If your your air conditioner’s handler motor operates, but its blower isn’t circulating air, the belt that connects the handler and blower is likely broken.
  • Cleaning & Recharging – If your central air conditioner is operating, but isn’t cooling well, either it requires cleaning, because its air flow is inhibited, or you need to have the unit’s coolant recharged by a service technician.
  • Air Condenser– If your condenser isn’t operating, check to make sure the unit is securely plugged in. If it is securely plugged in, check to see if a fuse is blown or the unit’s circuit is tripped. Turn the unit back on to see if it begins operating. It’s also possible that your air condenser is blocked or isn’t clean enough. If this is the case, cleaning and removing the blockage could be a solution. The condenser can become clogged with vegetation and other environmental debris.
  • Thermostat – If your air conditioner isn’t providing adequate cool air even if the unit is operating, your thermostat could still be on its way out. Another possible cause is a thermostat that isn’t set properly. Trying to turn the thermostat down by just 5 degrees and see if your unit turns on.
  • Motor & Compressor – If you’ve taken a look at the thermostat and it’s set to an appropriate temperature and it’s still not operating, the issue is probably a motor or compressor issue. A service technician is required to remedy this problem.

Now that you are aware of some of the situations that necessitate calling an air conditioning service technician in Toronto, you’ll be able to diagnose some problems on your own so you know what to expect when your repairs are performed as far as costs and repair time is concerned.