July 13, 2015 Blog

If your air conditioning system fails, though it may seem like a good idea to immediately replace your system as quickly as possible, take some extra time to research your investment for a reputable HVAC contractor prior to making the costly mistakes that will be discussed below.

Investing in an Inappropriately Sized Air Conditioning Unit

Purchasing an air conditioner that is too large or small, because in either scenario, the results can be a minor catastrophe. If your purchase air conditioning that’s over-sized, the costs of your energy bills will skyrocket. However, an under-sized unit that lacks cooling capacity will quickly crash and burn, wearing itself out prematurely, as it will struggle to keep your home cool and comfortable, but fails miserably. Be sure to get a precise estimate based on your individual home with all its unique characteristics to be aware of exactly what your home requires.

Choosing an Inappropriate Location for Your Air Conditioning Unit

Although it might be tempting to hide your air conditioning unit in a bushy corner if you find it unsightly in any way, this will cost you in both energy efficiency and durability. Placing an the air conditioning unit behind vegetation to conserve space or beautify the exterior of your home can be an expensive gamble. Not only does this inhibit ventilation, leading to clogged air filters, but this practice will result in decreased efficiency of your unit.

Be sure to follow the advice offered by a reputable service technician with regard to an ideal place for your air conditioning unit to call it’s home. Your technician will likely suggest placing the unit in the shade, where it’s shielded from direct sunlight. This placement will assist your unit in consuming less energy to provide comfortable, cool air to your living quarters.

Factor Future Improvements Into You Installation Plans

It’s always absolutely vital to leave room for future improvements when you install your air conditioning system. Will you be upgrading your windows, installing new insulation, or making other renovations that will rearrange logistics in your home or cause temperatures to change in your home? You may then experience issues with your system size if you don’t plan carefully.

Consult a Toronto air conditioner repair and service technician, or a local contractor that specializes in heating and cooling systems to successfully install a system that will suit your future home improvement endeavors while simultaneously making our home cool and comfortable in the present.

Plan Ahead for the Future Convenience of Air Conditioning Installations

You shouldn’t be left waiting in discomfort while an air conditioning service technician is dispatched by a reputable HVAC contractor to offer an estimate have to wait for several days or weeks to be offered an installation date. This is where I’ll reiterate that you should very carefully research. Read unbiased reviews online and ask for referrals from family, friends, and neighbors.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Though installing a brand new air conditioning system may initially cost more than making periodic repairs over time, this does provide the best energy savings, better reliability and an updated warranty. When repairs are becoming too costly to justify not installing a new system, don’t put it off, but do your research for a reputable company prior to jumping into an installation.