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Energy-Saving Thermostat Settings During Winter

December 3, 2021

Energy-Saving Thermostat Settings During Winter

The winter is the coldest season, and it can be harsh dealing with the freezing temperature. Equipping your house with heating appliances like furnaces, boilers, fireplaces, humidifiers, and air cleaners helps you keep warm. Thermostats help to regulate your indoor temperature and maintain it at the desired level.

Investing in a modern programmable thermostat can help you stay warm during the winter during winter and save on energy costs. You can set your thermostat temperature to sixty-eight (68) degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is an ideal room temperature when you are at home during the day. Lowering your thermostat temperature by around ten (10) to fifteen (15) degrees when you sleep may help cut your energy bills.

5 Tips on Energy Saving

There are simple ways that enhance Heating during the cold seasons. Some may not only warm and heat your house but also save on costs. Here are five energy-saving tips you may consider during winter:
 • Letting the sun heat your house naturally during the day and closing the curtains during the night to trap and maintain the heat inside.
 • Keep the air circulating by turning your ceiling fan to rotate counterclockwise.
 • Stay warm with clothes, shawls, and blankets.
 • Use space heaters.
 • Weatherstripping moving parts in your house, for instance, around doors and window sashes to eliminate air leaks.

Other Energy-Control Resources

You may also opt to use other energy control resources during this cold season like the use of fossil fuels, rugs on tiled and hardwood floors, and power outlets in case you tend to forget unplugging unused devices. You can use led light bulbs for decoration and lighting instead of incandescent or Compact Florescent Lamps, for they use 75% less energy and last longer.

HVAC Services in Toronto

A variety of companies offer HVAC services in Toronto to ensure optimum performance for your HVAC unit. One of the best services is A-Plus Quality. We are here to help you stay warm in the winter, offer services that include furnace installation, HVAC maintenance and repair, heat pump installation, fireplace, tankless water heater, duct cleaning, boilers, and water heaters cleaning and installation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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  • Great experience. This company offers great services. All people that work there are very professional. Particularly Ramit & Sandy. My go-to persons every time I need any services. Keep up with those great services.

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  • Very professional and great service. Quality work and On-time finish. Great customer service well. They truly stand by their name :-) A+

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  • What are mini-split advantages?

    Just as the name implies, a “mini-split” system is a “split system” however available in smaller capacities, for single room to whole house conditioning. Mini-split systems may range from as small as 9,000 BTUh per hour, comparable to say, a small window AC unit, for individual room use, up to 4 and 5 ton capacities for “Room By Room” (also known as “Zoning”) and whole house conditioning. With near universal design, mini-splits are “heat pumps” which provide both heating and cooling for a home. Here are key advantages when compared to traditional split systems:

    Efficiency- Mini-splits are highly engineered systems which offer attractive operating efficiencies, in many instances, eligible for utility company rebates.
    Heat Pump- Most mini-split systems are heat pumps, providing year-round comfort.
    Solar friendly- Due to very low power requirements, mini-splits are an ideal complement to “Net Zero Energy” homes, or any home using renewable power.
    Carbon footprint- Mini-splits are 100% electric, with zero operating emissions of any type.
    Zoning- Most mini-split manufacturers offer systems capable of room-by-room “zoning”, to account for peak demands of a room based upon construction type, exposure orientation and usage.
    Variable capacity- Mini-splits are typically DC inverter driven. That is, a variable speed compressor which modulates in proportion to instantaneous demand. Most conventional split systems, by comparison, operate with an ON-OFF strategy. (Would you use an ON-OFF switch as the accelerator in your vehicle?)
    Location, Location, Location!- Mini-split outdoor units are compact; they can be located far away from noise-sensitive areas, such as bedrooms and home offices. Mini-split indoor units have the ability to be installed where conventional systems cannot.
    They’re perfect for additions and remodels where access to current HVAC system is difficult to access.
    Modern mini-split systems are remarkably quiet; in fact, many times their operation is unnoticed by the end user.

  • Water is Leaking on my Furnace

    Water falling on to the furnace can harm your heating unit by affecting the control boards and other components enclosed in the furnace. There can be many causes to the water overflow, but the most common cases in the summer is the ice build up inside the evaporator coil due to low refrigerant level. Water build up can also be due to the evaporator coil having a crack on the base, if this is the case contact us by booking an appointment or call us today to have a technician come have a look at your unit and repair this issue before it causes excessive damage.  

  • How do I know what size unit I need?
    If you have any problems with your system, you should contact the contractor who installed the units. All our systems are covered by a 5 year parts, 7 year compressor limited warranty
  • Most common Boiler Issues

    - Boiler fails to ignite
    - Low pressure
    - Strange Noises
    - Boiler is not responding to the thermostat
    - Cold Radiators
    - Boiler leaking or dripping
    - Boiler cycling very fast
    - Available Hot water but No Heat

  • Furnace is blowing cold air in Winter?

    This can be due to Ignition lockout, sometimes could be resolved by resetting the power  and if this does not resolve the issue you should contact a certified gas technician from A-Plus Quality to get this problem resolved!

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